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Earth Mama's music is fun and enjoyed by all ages, while teaching important messages about sustainable living, recycling, and eco-activism. Perfect for teachers and Cultural Creatives, Earth Mama music spreads the word about sacred ecology and simple living. Earth Mama music is truly "music therapy for the planet. "

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Earth Mama

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A Sense of Place Album

NEW!   A Sense of Place - CD

10 songs for grounding your life and spirit in wherever on Earth you call home!

1. Detour Road   2. To An Oriole   3. A Life Well Lived   4. Ribbon of Stone (Blue Ridge Parkway)   5. All That’s Gold   6. Heaven Down Below (Whitetop Mountain)   7. Follow the Sun   8. Only One (When She’s Gone) featuring Keith Palmer   9. If You Need a Chair   10. Jingle Your Heart  



13 songs for the foreground and background of your days.

1. All Shall Be Well 2. Water Blessing 3. A New Chapter 4. Your Beautiful Heart (Heart Blessing) 5. Canticle of the Sun 6. Women Hold Up Half the Sky 7. Follow the Sun 8. Sisters of Earth Blessing 9. The Holy Experiment 10. A Place in the Kin-dom 11. St. Anthony Waltz 12. Joy in the Light (Mary Magdalene's Song) 13. The Dream and the Journey

Pay Attention Album


11 songs - Songs highlight challenges and solutions for this era of change. Toe-tapping tunes and melodic grace. Angelic harmonies and gritty jazz saxaphone.

1. Pay Attention 2. And Everybody Else 3. O, Moon 4. Virginia Beauty 5. Whispering Me Home 6. Enough Is As Good As A Feast 7. A Small Star 8. Richard's Song 9. Heart of a Dragon 10. One Breath 11. (Bonus Track) Virginia Beauty (bluegrass version featuring Dale Ann Bradley)

smVirginiaBeauty (20K)

Virginia Beauty A Love Song for the Commonwealth.

Enhanced CD 4 tracks
Also Available: SATB Choral Arrangement and Piano/Vocal Sheet Music - CLICK HERE!




    Music for relaxation, reflection and restoration. Over 65 minutes of music for healing ourselves, our communities and our Earth. Click here for full brochure. (PDF, 876KB)
  1. All I Do Today, 2. Bless Our Steps, 3. How Would We Live?, 4. Just To Be, 5. Mending Song, 6. O, Earth!, 7. Mending Song II - Instrumental, 8. Under the Rainbow - Instrumental


    An explosion of song styles and revolutionary concepts for peace and eco-justice!
  1. Fireball, 2. Under the Rainbow, 3. Somebody's Habitat, 4. Love by Design, 5. Wind, Wing and Wave, 6. I Just Know, 7. Light Years Away, 8. Little Bird (We All Share One Home), 9. Song of Peace, 10. Fireball (dance mix), 11. Bonus:, Earth Mama (swing)

 CD (11 SONGS)

    Holiday music inspiring peace, simplicity, loving one another, and respect for the winter holy-days of ALL peoples.
  1. Christmas Heart, 2. Close to the Earth, 3. Baby Child, Baby King, 4. The Angel Tree, 5. First Christmas Waltz, 6. Christmas Candles, 7. Quaker Christmas Medley, 8. For Christmas, 9. Fear Not, 10. Green Christmas

 CD (12 SONGS)

    Perfect for activists! Rich and diverse!
  1. Grass Roots!, 2. Mystery, 3. This River, 4. Away (First Law of Conservation of Matter and Energy), 5. My Druthers, 6. Enough is as Good as A Feast, 7. Tree Polka, 8. Wish for the Wild Ones, 9. A Small Star, 10. Travel Light, 11. Earth Pledge -bonus track, 12. Cricket Jam -bonus track

    Light-Hearted! Used in classrooms world-wide!
  1. Every Day Is Earth Day!, 2. Ode To Water, 3. Green Blues, 4. Less Is More, 5. Friend Of The Earth, 6. Earth Mama, 7. The Same Air, 8. The Bird Song, 9. Trees, 10. Energy, 11. Only Take What You Need, 12. Let It Rot, 13. Stuff

 CD (14 SONGS)

    Nurtures the spirit! Deeper, more adult.
  1. We Are One, 2. For Alex (A Little Gentler), 3. ASAP, 4. Downstream, 5. Butterfly, 6. God's Eye, 7. Love Large, 8. They Were Right, 9. Standing On The Shoulders, 10. We've Come A Long Way, Ladies, 11. Timeless, 12. Holy Ground, 13. Simple Gifts, 14.What On Earth?


Also available from M.U.S.E. (Musicians United to Sustain the Environment)
M.U.S.E. CDs benefit habitat restoration and environmental education. Features many artists!


Paul Winter: North Fork Wolves in the Midnight Rain; Kate Bennett: WolfSong; Jez Lowe: The Big Fear; Casey Neill: Pine Marten Swagger; Susan Grace: Lone Lion Runs; Magpie: Amarok; Paul Todd: Where are the Wolves; Keith Hammer: Ursus Arctos Horribilis; Country Joe McDonald: Coyote; Katherine Archer: Prey; Dakota Sid Clifford: Greenfire; Paul Todd: Land of the Grizzly Morrison's Jig; Leah Wolfsong: We Walk With You; Larry Long: Grizzly Bear; Walkin' Jim Stoltz: Eye of the Hunter

Also available from M.U.S.E. (Musicians United to Sustain the Environment)
M.U.S.E. CDs benefit habitat restoration and environmental education. Features many artists!

 CD (16 SONGS)

Craig Wagner: Genesis; Magpie: We Belong to the Earth; Susan Grace: Stand Up for Love; Dakota Sid Clifford: We Want the Whole Thing Back; Karen Goldberg: Earth Day Song; David Elias: The Blue Planet; Alice Di Micele: Chinook Blues; John McCutcheon: Leviathan; Lydia Adams Davis: Song of Life; Peter and Lou Berryman: Here's to Mother Nature; Joanne Rand: Bearing Witness; Dana Lyons: The Tree; Earth Mama(Joyce Rouse): We Are One; Walkin' Jim Stoltz: Oh, What A Life; Libby Roderick: Low To The Ground; Paul Winter: Antelope Dreams Of Her African Cousins


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