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Earth Mama News and Calendar: Earth Mama - Testimonials

Earth Mama - Testimonials

College, Universities and Schools

"On behalf of all the members of the Joint Steering Committee from Virginia Tech, the Town of Blacksburg and our local citizens group, Sustainable Blacksburg, I am expressing our heartfelt appreciation to your for your truly outstanding performance during Sustainability Week,m 2008. Earth Mama was a Home Run and those in attendance were very blessed by your songs, your voice, your dance and your infectious enthusiasm."
Danny Cochrane, Sustainability Program Manager, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA

"Your Earth Mama program here on Vanderbilt University's Peabody campus was a hit! Our staff had the chance to hear your wisdom and be thoroughly entertained. It was great that you had those deans up and dancing...that really drove home your message."
Helen C. Gleason, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN

"Joyce Johnson Rouse (Earth Mama) is a troubadour for the 21st century, light-hearted but deadly serious."
Dr. Paul Salstrom, Activist, Author, Educator, St. Mary-of-the-Woods, IN

"The Vision 2020 Expo was brought to life by your songs and enthusiasm. People left not only 'knowing' about sustainable agriculture and the role it plays, but SINGING about sustainable agriculture! Your CDs were carried reverently back to Alabama and shared throughout the environmental community."
Ann M. Schultz, Program Coordinator, Iowa State University of Science and Technology

"The program you did for the 500 children in our middle school was pronounced by our educators as the best of its kind they had ever heard."
Marietta Carmichael, President, Arts & Cultural Council of the Twin Counties, Galax, VA

Nature Centers and Museums

"All agreed your performance was a real focal point for our Earth Day program. The audience involvement was a unique touch. We appreciate all you do to tailor your presentations for the occasion. Earth Mama is an entertaining addition to any program."
Jean Buchanan, Director, Owl's Hill Nature Center, Nashville, TN

"Children and adults alike were entertained and inspired by the messages in your songs. It was great to see someone who can make people laugh and sing while learing to importance of caring for the world around us.
Bill Troup, Cumberland Museums, Nashville, TN

Associations and Agencies

"Your musical teaching approach is sheer magic. Your incredibly expressive energy, audience participation and knowledge of natural resources, delivered in song, is truly 'edu-tainment' at it's best."
Mona Womack, Deputy Director, National Conservation Training Center, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

"Your beautiful music , inspiring performance, and motivational message were delight and greatly enhanced our event. Your performance fit in perfectly with our purpose of educating the general public about the importance and value of saving energy and protecting our beautiful planet."
Billy Weitzenfeld, Association of Energy Conservation Professionals, Roanoke, VA

"Our audience members were educated in, supported by and challenged forward by he songs she chose from her vast repertoire. Her stage presence is strong and yet empowering to the audience participants."
Bette Ann Jaster, EarthLinks, Denver, CO

"Joyce is wonderfully adaptable to location and audience, the "hit" of the program for both children and adults. Her fresh approach and varied styles touch her audiences with a strong message."
Kathryn C. McCoy, Energy Education Specialist, Department of Economic and Community Development, Jackson, TN

"Joyce's performances were refreshing and engaging for the children and their parents as well. The shows were lively and the tunes were catchy. Taking care of the earth has never been so much fun. I know that Joyce Rouse would be a tremendous addition to any program . Enjoy her enthusiasm, joy and zest for her topic! She will be a great asset."
Pat Ladnier, Children's Programmer, Brentwood Library, Brentwood, TN

"Wonderfully positive, extensively fun, highly educating and uncommonly satisfying. Highly recommended!"
Stavros Moschopoulos, Food and Agriculture Organization, United Nations, Rome, Italy

Business, Corporate and Media
"One cannot listen to her music without being inspired to care for the earth. She adds humor, hope and light to a dark environmental forecast."
Traci Hickson & Dennis Hendricks, Founders/Hosts, Web of Life Audio, The Earth Day Every Day Radio Station Project, Bar Harbor, ME

"Such powerful, meaningful messages in such pleasing styles!"
Gerald Iversen, National Coordinator, Alternatives for Simple Living

"Joyce Johnson Rouse has been Earth Mama for the past 15 years. With a degree in Earth Literacy, she teaches about care for the Earth through her songs, spreading peace and justice as part of the message.,"
Mark Helpsmeet, Northern Spirit Radio, Eau Claire, WI

Festivals and Entertainment Venues

"She's a champion for the earth, completely living up to her name. Her enthusiasm for the diversity and splendor of nature shines through in her songs. Her lyrics speak the mind of environmentalists and nature-lovers. She is a force for change. Earth Mama is another Rachel Carson, changing our consciousness with her songs."
April Ambrose, Event Coordinator, Conway, AR Conway Earth Day

"Your vivacious performance was one of the highlights of the day! We hope that you will be able to come back next year."
Sandy MacDiarmid, Director, Environmental Fair, Jackson, TN

"Your creative and exciting performance drew the audience into your lyrics and rhythms celebrating the interconnections of all creation and or role in appreciating it with compassion and love. The energy and passion of your work is both hopeful and challenging and the message rings out loud and clear to adults and children of all ages - we have one planet earth as our home and what we do really matters."
Ann Sullivan, SP, Earth Day, St. Mary-of-the-Woods, IN

Churches and Religious Organizations

"If one could harness Earth Mama's passion for the environment, there'd be enough energy to fuel the entire planet. She wove together an intricately connected thread of environmental and ecological issues. The result was a life-size web of melodies mixed with lyrics that moved people to stomp their feet, clap their hands and smile over the inspiration she stirred within to preserve the environment for future generation."
Sr. Sheila Kinsey, Office of Justice, Peace and Integrity, Wheaton Franciscans, Wheaton, IL

"We couldn't have found a more enthusiastic and knowledgeable woman to help us deepen our commitment to global sustainability. Your music conveys invigorating energy and has had a profound impact on us. Your input was the most painless and joyful way to deal with some heavy issues."
Sr. Carol Snyder, Sisters of Saint Francis, Redwood City, CA

"Many thanks for the best ever entertainment that I remember at SAYMA! The songs are still in my head. Such creativity is awesome!"
Susan Carlyle, Southern Appalachian Yearly Meeting, Society of Friends (Quakers)

"Joyce is able through her spirit and music to motivate her listeners to action. There's something for everyone and there's power in the words of her music."
David W. Elliott, The United Methodist Church, Johnson City, TN

"Your voice is a natural resource! Thank you for using it for the good of the earth."
Pam Salaway, East Moriches United Methodist Church, East Moriches, NY


"These exquisitely performed songs will get you to walk a little gentler and live a little simpler as you share the bounties of the earth with a raised consciousness."
Rosita Perez, C.S.P., C.P.A.E., Professional Speaker, Gainsville, FL

"All movements march on their music. Earth Mama is one of the most melodious and lively songstresses for the love and preservation of our planet. Earth Mama's music gets you up off your butt and busy helping the earth."
Vicki Robin, Best-Selling Author, Your Money or Your Life, Seattle, WA

"Earth Mama's infectious melodies and insightful lyrics turn ecology into fun!"
Jana Stanfield, the Queen of Heavy Mental Music

"Your radiance, your love, your talent, your total and unconditional comittment to the Great Work shone through every note, every word, every smile, every laugh. You helped facilitate a shift in my perceptions. Your courage and devotion to 'earthmama,' your example, has transformed my life forever."
Harry Pickens, Louisville, KY

"You really do have an important message, but you make it so fun!"
Gail Wenos, C.S.P., C.P.A.E., Professional Speaker, Santa Ana, CA

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