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Recent Recording Reviews - "A Sense of Place"

I've been listening to A Sense of Place. I really appreciate how your whole album has such a wide range of sounds and genres. My favorite tune is Detour Road. Wonderful song, and your voice sounds great!
---Laurie McIntosh
2013 Best Children's Performer, Hudson Valley Magazine

A Sense of Place brings both seriousness and lightheartedness to listeners.
Heaven Down Below (Whitetop Mountain) is a poignant heart breaker, recounting how bank takeovers, irresponsible development, mining, and mountaintop removal have wiped out entire towns and destroyed communities.
In the song, an Appalachian farmer loses his home on Whitetop Mountain and at one point wonders, "When will they say you can't eat money? When will they know you can't drink gold? There is no cure for the greedy sickness, if you can't see heaven down below."
Detour Road is an up-tempo "rocking chair" tune that encourages listeners to opt for love and peace instead of hate, every time they come to that "wishbone in life's highway".
---Sharon Abercrombie, National Catholic Reporter, August 2014

Heartfelt music from the heart of the south
Earth Mama delves into American Folk music on this collection of originals dedicated to "understanding our home, the natural world." While you can argue about Earth Day and the Green Movement, you'll find no fight here on the quality of the sounds with Ms Rouse and her mix of musicians. She mixes luminous ballads like Heaven Down Below, reveals the heartbreak of bank takeovers and mountaintop removal. She mixes moods between full bands and Spartan accompaniment, with a vocal duet with the late Keith Palmer on Only One - quite riveting.
---George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly (July 31, 2014)

Schools Give Earth Mama a Grade

Ole`! Volunteer Dancers for Energy Tango.

Ole`! Volunteer Dancers for Energy Tango.

St. Edmunds HS, Eunice, LA

St. Edmunds HS, Eunice, LA
For our school ceremony, the choir sang your beautiful song.... Standing On The Shoulders for Remembrance Day. It was amazing!! They were so proud because many of the adults were brought to tears. 
I would love to take them to a local studio and record it - so many asked for a recording.
---Beth Weatherbee, Port Elgin Regional School, NB, Canada

She is a fine musician, but it is her vast knowledge of ecological issues that she ably weaves into curricular areas being studied that is so valuable.......She is comfortable with students of many age groups and versatile in adapting her material to topics under study. 
Joyce is a valuable artist-in-residence to enhance the learning of students at any level.
---Diana H, Ph.D.,Denver Public Schools

What I find most valuable is that you are getting very important messages out to these children in a fun format that keeps their attention and encourages participation. They are enjoying themselves thoroughly while being reminded how very important it is to take care of our "Mother".
---Marta T., Floyd County, GA

They had the chance to hear your wisdom and be thoroughly entertained. It was that you had those deans up and dancing..that really drove home your message. Joyce, you have a gift, but even better, your message is a gift to all of us.
---Helen G., Vanderbilt University

Faith Communities Chime In

Leadership Conference on Women Religious

Leadership Conference on Women Religious

Spiritual Directors International

Spiritual Directors International
Women everywhere need to have their voices heard. Joyce Rouse, through her music both at our Sacred Heart Church's "A woman's Spirit Rising Retreat" for the women of our parish and neighborhood and for our Sunday Liturgy, encouraged us all to raise our voices as she reminded us that ... Women Hold Up Half the Sky!
Joyce also known as Earth Mama re-energized us through music, song, dance and play to continue to heal our "Common Home" and our beloved community of Camden, NJ.
---Susan Cedrone, retreat Coordinator and the Retreat Committee

...her message and repertoire are always fresh, always appropriate, always entertaining, and always superbly done, for her soul is being poured into every song, every teaching at every performance!
---Rev. Dr. Richard W., Earth Charter of the Lower Valley, Inc

Joyce brings enormous positive energy to her work with Quaker Earthcare Witness, and we are grateful for and enriched by her great singing/songwriting talents, which she has devoted to "Healing the Earth, One Song at a Time." ......her songs and spirit speak eloquently for the sake of healing the human earth-relationship.
---Holister K., Quaker Earthcare Witness

Joyce is professional, a joy to work with, and adapts to the needs of the group and event. She is very passionate about "caring for the earth and all on the earth" and promotes her message with creative lyrics and melodies, various styles of presenting, and has a way of engaging the group so that her music becomes "our music". 
---Virginia J., Sister of St. Francis

Environmental Group Hugs

Institute for Cultural Affairs, Toronto

Institute for Cultural Affairs, Toronto

Earth Matters Tennessee

Earth Matters Tennessee

Arkansas Environmental Education Association

Arkansas Environmental Education Association
Joyce's humor, strong environmental context, wonderful music, delightful singing and amazing performance was a tremendous addition to our evening. Our audience members were educated in, supported by, and challenged forward, by the songs she chose to sing....Her stage presence is strong and yet empowering, especially to the audience participants whom she engaged in dancing to some of her tunes.
---Bette Ann J., Earthlinks

Joyce Rouse (aka Earth Mama) performed for audiences ranging in size from 40 to 250 with an age range from four to eighty. She captivated them all. Her catchy tunes and memorable lyrics gave people new perspectives on their relationship to the Planet Earth and pointed out new possibilities for living a care-filled life.
---F. Nelson S., The Institute of Cultural Affairs

Your musical teaching approach is sheer magic. Your incredibly expressive energy, audience participation and knowledge of natural resources, delivered in song, is truly "edu-tainment" at it's best. Who said learning can't be fun?
---Mona W., National Conservation Training Center, US Dept of the Interior