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The Musiversity of Earth Mama

Energy Tango

Energy Tango

Earth Mama CDs playing here!

Earth Mama CDs playing here!
Earth Mama's music is fun, diverse, thoughtful and enjoyed by all ages. While teaching important concepts about sustainability, recycling, and eco-spirituality, Earth Mama Music taps into balanced brain learning for humor, creativity and deeper memory. These CDs play on 6 continents, in classrooms, retreat centers and a wide variety of other venues, encouraging awareness of sacred ecology and simple living. Singing along is irresistible.

Earth Mama Music is truly "music therapy for the whole planet."

Live Shows and Programs

From the first notes of a concert or performance, Joyce welcomes audience members to participate at their own comfort level. Many folks sing and clap along, some volunteer to come to the stage and shine. Some don feather boas and dance the Energy Tango. The Keynote Concerts of music and dialog are designed to encourage people to look honestly and realistically at the impact of human life on our planet, then share hope and experience to the beat of anthems, ballads and uptempo tunes that reinforce the message of co-creating a healthy future for all living things. Read more...

About Joyce Rouse

Joyce Rouse (Earth Mama) is a singer, songwriter, actor, educator, and creator of the Earth Mama music projects. She addresses the critical issues facing our planet, as inspired by her love of Earth and her Masters Degree in Earth Literacy. She brings an integrated worldview to audiences in the language of music, rhythm and laughter. Her songs are heard world-wide through broadcast media, at Earth Mama concerts, and on her ten CDs, now played on six continents.

Her songs have been used extensively in educational venues and by international environmental and peace organizations such as the United Nations, UNESCO, and International Earth Charter, as well as the Smithsonian Institute.

In August, 1995, the United States celebrated the 75th anniversary of the 19th Amendment which granted women the right to vote. Joyce wrote and performed the theme song, Standing on the Shoulders. This song has introduced Joyce to the gracious wisdom and power of women's groups around the world.

She performs regularly at a wide variety of venues—anywhere people who care about the Earth gather. She weaves threads of science, spirit and art into each concert, and continues to write inspiring music in many styles with one goal in mind: "Helping Heal the Planet One Song at a Time."

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The Welcome Home Door

The Welcome Home Door
Announcing The Welcome Home Door by Richard Rouse

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Coming Soon!  HerStory  from Earth Mama   11 song CD to celebrate the past, present and future of Women winning the vote, equality, and dignity.  Just in time for Women's Suffrage Centennial Anniversary in 2020.

Use Earth Mama Music

Sisters of St. Francis of Dubuque

Sisters of St. Francis of Dubuque

Virginia Choral Society

Virginia Choral Society

We love to hear the positive and creative ways our music is being used in classrooms, retreat and community centers, and more to build a more sustainable and peaceful world. Depending on how you plan to use the music, you may need a LICENSE or PERMISSION from Rouse House Music, LLC. Please read our guidelines here.

The lyrics to all of Earth Mama recorded songs are available FREE in downloadable PDF format.

Sheet music and lead sheets for many titles are available in our store.

What is Earth Mama® Music like?

Dancing Baby Volunteer, Kentucky

Dancing Baby Volunteer, Kentucky

Earth Mama creates music in a variety of styles - some are pop, some are bluesy, some are jazzy. She might even surprise you with a little bossa nova, tango, or world music rhythms. Her lyrics are diverse too, ranging from reverent, to informative, to downright funny! But here are some things you can count on in every Earth Mama song:

  • melodies you can hum or sing along with
  • professional recordings made with top musicians in the finest studios
  • lyrics that mean something, lyrics you can hear, lyrics you can listen to with your children or grandmother without being embarrassed

Click here for demo video.